Appignano via Macerata (Italy)

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July 03, 2020

Dear friend,

I want to tell you about my trip to Italy. In case you haven't read it in the press, I will be traveling across Europe in the coming weeks and months to unite. After the corona virus nearly killed us, people continue to be driven by existential concerns and fear. So it is my job to bring the peoples together. I visit artists on my trip and travel as a package. I come and go with great stories. And introduce great artists. The world is small and big.

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Italy is this beautiful country on the Mediterranean coast that has had a lasting impact on the western world through its culture and cuisine. Almost everyone among us knows an Italian dish. The land of today's Italy was the core area of ​​the Roman Empire in antiquity, as can be seen from many preserved buildings. The Italians are very spirited and proud of their country. An estimated 100,000 monuments bear witness to a culture that has developed over the past two thousand years. Simply exciting!

As I arrow this letter, I am already on my way back from Italy. There I stayed with the great artist Riccardo Chitarrari. Riccardo paints pictures similar to Martin, only in his unmistakable way. I realized that he likes to bring patterns and energy flows into his works. Like a charisma. He also likes to transform his creatures into fancy monsters. I too had the honor of being immortalized by him.

Riccardo lives in Appignano, a small town in the center of Italy, not far from Rimini, San Marino and Ancona. He also took me to Cattolica, where we - La Dolce Vita - had coffee and visited the beach. Of course, I also had to wear a face mask. I found our trip to Urbino, a World Heritage Site, which was an important Roman fortress as early as the 6th century, to be particularly beautiful. Many of the old buildings are still standing today and the car trips through the hilly region on dilapidated streets gave me an impression of how beautiful Italy is. I was not only allowed to enjoy the sunset on the roofs of Appignano and will miss it.

Riccardo also suffered from the exit restrictions. When they were imposed in Italy, he was on a business trip and had to stay 69 days away from home, family and art in a strange place. The Italians had to endure a lot. But Riccardo is happy and enjoys his freedom again. I do it too. 

Next step is Mallorca!

May I send you greetings from Italy from Riccardo. And me.

Greetings, Queen Gondula.