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In the coming weeks and months, the plush cat Gondula will travel Europe and the world. Per package. She visits artists to talk about them and get to know them. She unites Europe.

You can find out more about their journey on this page.

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4. Vettweiß via Cologne (Germany)

The television is my gateway to the world. When I'm not traveling, the remote control is the first thing I put in my paw when I get up. This makes me all the more proud to have spent the past few days with real TV legends. I was in Vettweiß near Cologne ...

3. London (Great Britain)

 This time I would like to tell you something about my days in London - even if this trip took place last year. But because Great Britain also belongs to Europe and I have a lot of great memories of this city ...

2. Sóller in Mallorca (Spain)

Mallorca is the gateway to heaven. And I was lucky enough to be able to spend a few days on this wonderful island. I am almost back in Cottbus and write these lines to you from my little package. Spain is ...

1. Appignano via Macerata (Italy)

I want to tell you about my trip to Italy. In case you haven't read it in the press, I will be traveling across Europe in the coming weeks and months to unite. After the corona virus nearly killed us, people continue to be driven by existential concerns ...

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