Cuddle Art by

Martin Schüler

Out of fascination, I started painting cuddly toys in autumn 2018. My cloth cat Gondula told me to paint cuddle toys. What sounds crazy at first, developed into a serious passion for me. Cuddly toys symbolize closeness, warmth and security. On this website you will find information about me and my projects. Enjoy browsing!

Gondula´s Travel Blog

After the corona crisis, plush cat Gondula travels to Europe. Per package. Track her travels here. And be fed up with the beautiful photos she brings us.


My work started out of my fascination for cuddly toys. I want to convey feelings and make them visible. Find out here why I'm painting soft toys. And what that has to do with us ...

About me

I never thought that I would become an artist. But everyone has in his own hand which person he develops into. Are you curious about who I am? Find out here!

Who´s Gondula?

It was a cuddly toy that changed my life. My muse gondula has many characteristics that make it special. Find out who she is and what her goals are.

Behind the scenes! Egon in the tall grass

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I paint Egon, the koala. Who hides in the tall grass and still wants to be part of the big world. More videos you will find on YouTube (Link).


A small compilation of my previous works and series. On this page you will also find background information on my art. Worth a visit!


A photo cannot replace the original. And you have to see art with your own eyes. My exhibitions are events of fun, imagination and a dash of trash.

Buy an ArtBook

A website provides an overview, books give insights. I have published art books for individual series. There you will find all the images for the respective series of images. Made with Love.

Ask me something!

I infected you with my work and ideas? Please don't be afraid to contact me. Every good story begins with a "hello". I look forward to the personal connection to you.