My work started with the fascination for cuddly toys. I want to convey feelings and make them visible. Find out here why I'm painting soft toys. And what that has to do with us ...

I did not come to painting until the autumn of 2018. After a severe depression and some blows of fate, I found a stop in a cloth cat, to which I gave the name Gondula. She was a silent listener to me and a being that made me feel loved and not alone. In a delirium-like moment, she later taught me how to paint stuffed animals to give the world a sense of emotion. Cuddly toys are a symbol of closeness, warmth and security. That's what I wanted and want to transfer to the viewer with my pictures.


I have neither an artistic education, nor do I have any previous knowledge of painting. As a kid, I hated art classes because they always pretended to me what art looks like. As if working with the brush was a dull German standard. It was only when I accepted that I could not create a masterpiece in the sense of straight lines or perfect composition that I began to accept my supposed mistakes as what they really are: a special approach. I turn my ignorance into a virtue and my own style. I teach myself everything and learn by tasting. That depends and is real. This creates images that touch. My work is characterized by daring colors, simplified forms and partly artificial, two-dimensional spaces.


Touch - that's what I'm about. I do not want a price for a great crafting. The established art is too obscure and too perfect for me. My aim is to convey ideas and feelings. I want to be an antipole to the current world.