Here you will find a small selection from my many previous works. I sort my pictures by series because I approach the subject of "cuddly toys" in different ways. You can find more of my paintings in my art books that I published.

1  Cuddle=Therapy

Cuddle=Therapy is my first art series that I worked on. I was driven by the idea that every person has to deal with trauma and sometimes stands alone with his negative feelings. So I saw cuddly animals as listeners in bad times. As beings who can take care of worries and fears. I tried to find a counterpart in the world of cuddly toys for every human character type. The viewer should find an animal to lose.

2  Aura

This series is about the theme of the aura. I recognize the aura as a radiation that surrounds every living being - similar to an energy. We constantly meet other people or animals of all kinds who leave an impression on us. It is impossible not to develop thoughts or feelings when we see each other! I also assume that every life connects different words and emotions with another life. If a hundred viewers see a picture, each of these hunter viewers creates a very individual truth.

3  I Am ...

In "I Am ..." I want to go one step further and turn everything into a stuffed animal. As if there were a second, invisible message or personality within ourselves and the things that surround us. Stuffed animals are a symbol of closeness, warmth and security - quite fitting when it comes to the inner world behind our façade. The title I Am ... should be a half sentence, which the pictures complete with their title. These pictures show us a hidden world and hidden longings. I want to make the invisible visible. Everyone can be a cuddle toy.

4  Artwork 2020

2020 is the year in which I decide anew with each work, according to which series model I paint. I have developed and tried out my previous projects, now I feel free and no longer like a beginner. I found my style. Now there are no goals for me anymore, but a clear handwriting with which I implement my ideas. I now proudly point to one of my paintings and say: This is a real Schüler. That´s my work.

... and many more artworks