Inside Home

On this page, I'll take you home with me. I want to show you how I stage my art and take you a little way into my own world. So: come in and feel at home.

What "living" means to me

The place where I live says a lot about my personality. It's about privacy and individuality. The opportunity to develop freely and to give a place to things that inspire me. When I left my one-room apartment and moved into a larger apartment, I felt the white walls as a blank canvas. I largely avoided cabinets and wanted to keep the walls free for my paintings. Like a little gallery.

The living room

Whether it's the bottom line or a carpet, it doesn't hurt to come down. Or do you seriously believe that I am at your feet when I have become so tame? On the walls: "I Can´t Live Without My Ghettoblaster" and "Gondula Gecko".

Oh crap, I'm going to be a poet! But how can you do anything else than pick up a beautiful book and immerse yourself in an exciting story? On the walls: "Forever Friends" and "Anger".

The blue sofa. A color that stands for calm. Please sit down and have a drink with me! You are cordially invited. On the walls: "Untitled" (Diddl Mouse) and "Forever Friends".

My study

I'm really happy to finally have a separate area for my art. I mean that takes space. Not just to have my neck kissed. On the walls: "Social Is What Creates Work" and "I Am The German Bee Of Peace".

I remember the early days of my art where I had to fight over every little thing. It is easy to start something, much more difficult to persevere. But those who believe in themselves master every hurdle. On the walls: "Jappa II." and "Social Is What Creates Work". On the easel: "Mutmann".

The kitchen

One of my favorite rooms, although very small. Sometimes I feel lost in the living room. Advantage: you get closer in tight spaces! On the wall: "Make Bitcoins, Brother (Swear)".

In the hallway

Is it you who rings my doorbell? What can I offer you? It will be a good evening for sure and breakfast is promised. On the walls: "Antagonist" and "Greetings From North Korea".

The bedroom

I like it to be really cozy and when I'm not sleeping here I read for hours. The elephant next to me is Harald. On the walls: "This Is Miami", "Eilish", "New Life Needs The Land" and "Donald Gondula".

Thanks to J. H. O. Blunke for taking the photos!

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