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My way of painting is unique. Even critics diagnose me as incomparable. My works are candy for the walls. I want to convey feelings and bring strong colors to the canvas. Support me with your purchase and get your own "Schüler".

Why should you buy art?

"Art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul," said Pablo Picasso. Because it moves us. We spend most of our lives indoors. It is all the more important to design these places according to your own preferences. And only art is able to give a room an identity. Make it your place and impressively show your taste and personality. Furniture is part of the interior design, art is one of the jewels of every room. On top of that you support the artist.

Do you want the original?

There is something very special about getting an original work of art. In this way you increase the value of your living space considerably and call something your own that nobody else has - only you. I usually only sell my originals during my exhibitions. If you would like to call a picture of me your own, please contact me. The selection of my works is far larger than the images on this website.

Buy an ArtBook

Since I am a big fan of books myself, I am proud to publish books with my pictures myself. It just feels better to look at pictures on paper in peace than to look at them on the screen. That's why I invite you to buy my photo tapes, which I designed with love. You can order my books in over 2,000 shops and learn more about me and my art.

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