Cuddle Art by 

Martin Schüler


I am a Martin Schüler. I have been painting pictures with cuddly toys since 2018 after my plush cat Gondula gave me the assignment. I established my art outside of the established scene. Over a hundred works were created, which can be seen regularly at exhibitions. In addition, I regularly provoke national attention through art campaigns, publish books and answer the big questions of our time. I am Pop Art. On this side I take you into my world.

Fascination with cuddly toys

The stuffed animal is usually a coarse and highly trivialized image of an animal or a fantasy creature. Consists of fabric and soft materials. Or to put it simply: a children's toy without many functions. There is so much more to these beings. They should convey a feeling of closeness, warmth and security - basic needs in our life. For children in particular, they are an important anchor point to which they hold on. But many adults also give their cuddly toys a place of honor in their own four walls. What fascinates me most about them is the way in which they transfer emotions to us and the extreme reduction in properties of actual living beings. They reflect our reality in a simplified form.

 Interview on Lausitz-TV

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Zustimmen & anzeigen

In a long interview in the show "LauArt" on Lausitz-TV, I answered questions from the presenter Navid about myself, my art and Gondula. Video only in German language.


My works are characterized by bold colors, simplified forms and clear borders. As a child I hated art class because I was always told what art should look like - as if working with a brush were a bland German norm. So I started to work out supposed mistakes and formed my style. This creates images that defy reality. I suffer from Asperger's Syndrome, which gives me a different view of this world. I don't pay attention to size relations, I create artificial spaces. I play with expressions of emotion and irony. So far I have expressed this in three series types: Cuddle=Therapy, Aura, I Am ... In the gallery you will find a small selection of my previous works.

 Comfort Teddy Lutz (2020) from the series Cuddle=Therapy

I Am In Therapy (2019) from the series I Am ...

Roffel (2019) from the series Aura

Corona Crisis Of Feelings (2021) from the series I Am ...

Protagonist (2018) from the series Cuddle=Therapy

This Is Miami (2021) from the series I Am ...

Wonder Awareness (2019) from the series Aura

Gondula (2018) from the series Cuddle=Therapy

Vote Miss Piggy (2021) from the series Cuddle=Therapy

Furby (2018) from the series Cuddle=Therapy

I Can´t Live Without My Ghettoblaster (2020) from the series I Am ...



16.03. - 10.05.2022
@ Parkclub Fürstenwalde / Germany

09.07. - 15.10.2022
@ Marbles Inn Amsterdam / Netherlands

27.10. - 15.12.2022

@ Rathaus Lübbenau (Spreewald) / Germany

Scheduled later this year
@ Physis Burgwedel / Germany  


Election Friday. Party non-voters. Plush cat Gondula becomes Chancellor. - Party and exhibition @ Hof des Großenhainer Bahnhof Cottbus / Germany

04.09. - 23.10.2021
Cuddle Animals Save The World @ ZELIG Restaurant & Bar Cottbus / Germany 

13.08. - 15.08.2021
Urknall Festival @ Landflucht Area Spremberg / Germany 

04.02. - 30.04.2021

Cuddle Art @ Medizinisches Zentrum Lübbenau (Spreewald) / Germany


09.12.2020 - 19.01.2021

#miteinander @ Catalogue of the Galerie Brandenburg / Germany

01.09. - 31.10.2020
1. Kunstraum (K) Calau @ Market Square Calau / Germany

29.08. - 02.10.2020
I Am ... @ ZELIG Restaurant & Bar Cottbus / Germany

25.07.2020  3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Urknall Open-Air @ CHEKOV Cottbus / Germany

11.01. - 31.01.2020

Aura @ ZELIG Restaurant & Bar Cottbus / Germany


24.05. - 22.06.2019 

Cuddle=Therapy @ ZELIG Restaurant & Bar Cottbus / Germany


In my art books you will find many illustrations of my respective art series. As I am a big fan of books myself, it makes me proud to publish books with my pictures myself. It just feels nicer to calmly look at pictures on paper than fleetingly on a screen. That's why I invite you to buy my photo books, which I have designed with a lot of love.

Cuddle Art vol. 3 // mit Plüschkatze Gondula´s Reiseberichten

A look back at a time that was shaped by the corona virus. In addition to pictures of my paintings, this book also contains the first travel reports of my cuddly cat Gondula, which I sent on a world tour. With exciting photos from near and far and my art, this book is just right for everyone who loves art and travel.
In high quality hardcover. Only in German language. ISBN:  978-375344-2198
Buy it on Amazon (Link)!

Ich bin ...

This illustrated book contains images and background information from my art series "I Am ...". From 2019 to 2020 I worked on pictures in which I turned people, animals and inanimate objects into cuddly toys. True to the motto: Everyone can be a stuffed animal.
In high quality hardcover. Only in German language. ISBN:  978-375283-5632
Buy it on Amazon (Link)!


This illustrated book contains images of the paintings and background information on the Aura art series. In 2019 I worked on pictures that stand out at first glance because of the many glowing letters, the widely distributed colors and the crazy animals. One of my trademarks is the painting of cuddly toys, which I also consistently implemented in this series.
As a ring binder. ISBN:  978-374819-9786
No longer available ...

Ask me something!

I infected you with my work and ideas? Or do you want to buy a picture? Please don't be afraid to contact me. Every good story starts with a "hello". I look forward to a personal connection with you.


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