Vettweiß via Cologne (Germany)

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October 16, 2020

Dear friend,

the television is my gateway to the world. When I'm not traveling, the remote control is the first thing I put in my paw when I get up. This makes me all the more proud to have spent the past few days with real TV legends. I was in Vettweiß near Cologne, where I visited Frank Fussbroich and his family. Meow meow meow.

From 1979 to 2003, the Fussbroichs were the first ever German documentary soap with over a hundred episodes on WDR. Frank and his family embodied the typical German working class family. “Anyone who doesn't know us in Germany has slept through the world,” Frank said to me. Because back then there were only a few TV programs and he grew up with the camera team in tow. After the economic miracle, the working class family was a new German phenomenon that the Fussbroichs embodied with their show and thus became a nationwide hit. This is how the family balcony became a cult, as every episode began there. “We were the first and we were the best,” Frank told me. Frank can still be seen on television to this day, as most recently in 2018 at the “Sommerhaus der Stars” on RTL with Micaela Schäfer, with whom I also have a close, friendly relationship.

As a highlight of my trip, we visited his parents Annemie and Fred and stayed together on the cult balcony. Meow meow meow.

But the series is not the only reason why I visited Frank Fussbroich, because he is also an artist and paints wonderful pictures. Just like Martin, he discovered his talent by pure chance. In a € 1 shop in the Netherlands, he bought canvases and paints from Juck's to experiment with. “At some point a friend came up to me and told me: Draw an elephant,” Frank told me. The finished work, which he named Milofant, immediately met with enthusiasm. A short time later, Michael Jackson's general manager Dieter Wiesner discovered him, and there are now three real Fussbroichs in his office. "You have to imagine that", Frank is amazed, "I'm hanging out in Michael Jackson´s office!" The two of them want to get started in America next year. A webshop is currently being planned. I will give him all the paws for his artistic career.

A real Fussbroich makes the happiness. Frank told me a story about it: “I exhibited a picture in the Galerie für Menschenwürde (Eifel) and everyone only made wax hands with barbed wire and dark things. I painted a yellow picture with a giraffe and happy children ”. It's about joie de vivre. “And when it's death, I still paint pink, green, yellow and an orange in there”. But what I like most is that he paints animals because I am a plush cat. Meow meow meow.

His life force is contagious. I find it very important, especially in these difficult times, not to lose one's sense of all the beautiful things in life. With Frank and his family, I came across the Cologne landmark.

Greetings, Queen Gondula.