Lights out, eyes open! In order to make my art tangible from a distance, I regularly produce small films. Sometimes you can look over my shoulder while I'm painting, other times I publish a commercial or share great moments from my exhibitions. Please activate the subtitles for translation in the videos, because most of the videos are in German.

Why I like making films

I have had many passions throughout my life. This also included photography and recording videos. My love for it went so far that I dreamed of a career behind the camera. Nothing came of that and I stopped making videos for years. But when I started to paint, I took up my former passion again to let you and others participate in my creative process.

I paint a Diddl Mouse

Painting the work "Greetings From North Korea"

Creation of the work "Forever Friends"

Paint Comfort Teddy Lutz

Paint Portrait "Donald Gondula"

Uni Cornfrog

Koala Egon in the tall grass

Painting of "Gondula" under the starry sky

Creation of the picture parrot "Mutmann"

Werner Bauer interprets poems by Ernst Jandl at the opening "I Am ..." 29 08 2020

Paint doll Heidi part 2

Paint doll Heidi part 1

Gondula´s opening speech of the exhibition "I Am ..." on August 29th, 2020

Create collage of the VSV collection of laws - collection of regulations for the administration in Brandenburg

Creating the picture "Liz Mohn"

Commercial exhibition "I Am ..." 29.08. - 02.10.2020 in Cottbus

Painting the crab Martin

Painting a koala part 2

Painting a koala part 1

Completion of "King Bassmann"

The hair dryer - the most important tool of a painter

Completion of painting "Save The Cliché! Safe Vicky Pollard!"

Vicky Pollard sketch

My artist signature

How Martin Schüler paints a picture

Complete program Exhibition opening "Aura" on January 11th, 2020

Commercial exhibition "Aura" 11th - 31st January 2020

Art film Gondula