Cuddle Art by 

Martin Schüler

Exhibition at Factor IJ Amsterdam

Nov. 16th - Dec. 10th. Art event on Saturday November 19th from 3pm.

Find your inner child!

I am Martin Schüler. King of stuffed animals. My entire life changed when I met my plush cat Gondula in 2018. She commissioned me to use art to encourage the world with cuddle toys. I love to paint these beings. In addition to exhibitions in Germany and abroad, I provoke through art actions and publish books with my works. Since the corona crisis, Gondula has traveled the world to gather impressions from other countries. I live in Cottbus near Berlin.

Fascination for cuddly toys

I spent a large part of my youth in a children's home and at a special school because I suffer from Asperger's syndrome. Back then, I held on to the stuffed animals that were given to me, even if they were just fabric and depictions of real animals. They gave me a feeling of warmth and security. Even though I'm an adult today, I know what value these beings have for people who are looking for a shoulder to lean on. I express that with my art.

Who is Martin Schüler?

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Consent & Show

A short video about me, my art and Gondula. Are you curious about me? Video only in German. You find more videos on YouTube (link).


My works are colourful, ironic and the opposite of a reality that can be cold. As a child I hated art classes because I was always told what art should look like. So, without any previous knowledge, I began to work out supposed mistakes and formed my style. I suffer from Asperger's Syndrome, which gives me a unique perspective on this world. I don't pay attention to size relations, I create artificial spaces. So far I've expressed this in the series types Cuddle=Therapy, Aura, I Am .... I have been working on the new series Chaos on Newsprint since 2022.

I Am In Therapy (2019) from series I Am ...

Wall-E (2022) from series Chaos

Comfort Teddy Lutz (2020) from series Cuddle=Therapy

Gondula (2018) from series Cuddle=Therapy

Corona Crisis Of Feelings (2021) from series I Am ...

Roffel (2019) from series Aura

This Is Miami (2021) from series I Am ...

History (2022) from series Chaos

I Can´t Live Without My Ghettoblaster (2020) from series I Am ...

Wonder Awareness (2019) from series Aura

Protagonist (2018) from series Cuddle=Therapy

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